Round 4 of the Winter Classic Qualifier ends Friday, December 18th.
Watch the Tournament Preshow on Friday Dec 18th, 12pm PT / 3pm ET to see who qualifies for the Tournament on Dec 19th.



Project Z
by Petah
Node PHP TypeScript Linode
Rating: 1,739
Joined 2 Months Ago
11 Games Played

These Battlesnakes have qualified for the Winter Classic - Elite Division

by Nettogrof
Java Aggressive AWS
Joined 1 Month Ago
27 Games Played
Solar Flare
by Hegberg
Python Cursed MinMax
Joined 2 Months Ago
11 Games Played
Secret Snake
by exzizt
C# Azure
Joined 2 Months Ago
10 Games Played
All I Need is 60ms
by Cory
Machine Learning
Joined 2 Months Ago
11 Games Played
Niedersächsische Kreuzotter 🍻
by Niedersächsische Kreuzotter 🍻
C++ Aggressive Area Control
Joined 2 Months Ago
46 Games Played
The Very Lazy Ladybird 🐞
by negajjang
present tail Node GCP
Joined 2 Months Ago
11 Games Played
by tofu (retired)
Joined 2 Months Ago
99 Games Played
Prüzze v2
by pruzze
Java Linode MinMax
Joined 2 Months Ago
35 Games Played

These Battlesnakes must complete 10 games to get ranked in this Arena.

For top-level Battlesnake Developers who want to compete at the highest level. This arena is filled to the brim with experience and competition.

Every 2 weeks the top teams from this arena will qualify for the Elite Division of the Winter Classic 2020 tournament and then the arena will be reset.

Arena Status


Game Settings

4 Battlesnakes, 11x11 Board



Entries Per Developer

Up to 1

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