Training Program

Complete these challenges to get started on your Battlesnake journey!

Avoid Other Snakes
Mariana Trench by ce-ml-gcp
7 hours ago
Avoid Walls
Avoid Yourself
Avoid Other Snakes
Find Food

Solo Survival

How long can your snake survive?

Survive 100
battlesnak by craeyefish
1 day, 14 hours ago
Survive 100
Survive 500
Survive 1000
Survive 1500
Survive 2000
Survive 2500

Long Snake

How long can you make your Battlesnake?

Long Snake 30
David Test by greenedavid
5 hours ago
Long Snake 10
Long Snake 30
Long Snake 40

Stop Eating Yourself

How many Battlesnakes can you keep alive on the board at the same time?

Keep Two Alive
Keep Four Alive
Eight Snake Chaos

Hard Mode

Each challenge is a unique puzzle that will take unique strategy

Occupy 4 Corners
Dutch Viper (Pofadder) by J. Stolp (Haarlem)
3 weeks, 3 days ago
Maximum Snake!
Occupy 4 Corners
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