CascadiaJS Cup Tournament

Build a Battlesnake and compete for fame, glory, and prizes!

Participate as one of 64 competitors in the pre-conference Hack Day event - the CascadiaJS Cup! Battlesnake is a multi-player programming game based on the classic game - snake! Whether you are new to coding or are an experienced developer, Battlesnake has something for everyone, with an inclusive and welcoming community ready to help support your journey towards becoming a better programmer!

Steps to Compete

  1. Create a Battlesnake Account
  2. Click the 'Register for Competition' button
  3. Attend the workshop on Monday November 1st
  4. Build your Battlesnake! Read the docs or follow the getting started guide.
  5. Click the 'Enter Tournament' button below to add your Battlesnake into the Tournament on November 1st
  6. Watch the Tournament Finals live on Wednesday November 3rd!

Quick Start Coding Guide


<small>All times are in PT.</small>

<span>Nov 1st, 10am</span> — 📚 Workshop Tutorial Session

Location: Zoom Web Session
Senior Battlesnake Developer, Aurora Walker, will walkthrough the rules of Battlesnake, initial game strategies, and demonstrate how to get started with one of the Battlesnake Starter Projects.

<span>Nov 1st, 11am-1pm</span> — 🤔 Live Support / Q&A

Location: CascadiaJS Slack
Battlesnake Developers on standby to provide assistance via Slack in the #battlesnake-hack-day channel. You can sign up for the CascadiaJS Slack via this link. Come with questions, or kick back and check out some higher-level strategy tips.

<span>Nov 1st, 7pm-8pm</span> — 🔥 Tournament Group Stages

Watch the first rounds of the tournament, narrowing us down to the top finalists!

<span>Nov 3rd, 4:30pm</span> — 🏆 Live Tournament!

Location: CascadiaJS Conference 'Day 1 Wrap' Stream on YouTube
Join Curtis and Aurora from the Battlesnake Casting Crew for the finals of the CascadiaJS Cup Tournament broadcast live!

1st Place

The winner of the CascadiaJS Cup will be awarded a $50 Gift Card to the Battlesnake Store.

2nd, 3rd, 4th Place

All Battlesnakes that make it to the final will be awarded a $25 Gift Card to the Battlesnake Store.

CascadiaJS Virtual Ticket

Everyone who participates in the CascadiaJS Cup by entering a Battlesnake in the tournament will receive a free virtual ticket to CascadiaJS 2021

Create your Battlesnake and enter it into the Tournament in order to compete!

Competing Battlesnakes
1 Battlesnake Avatar All Seeing Eye
JavaScript Huggable Replit Random
2 Battlesnake Avatar Becca Lyria
Node TypeScript Clueless Friendly DigitalOcean
3 Battlesnake Avatar blobSnake
JavaScript Node Clueless
4 Battlesnake Avatar blue pixie
JavaScript Replit
5 Battlesnake Avatar Bruno the UNO
C C++ Friendly Arduino Wall Hugger
6 Battlesnake Avatar e d
House of Joe Badly Coded Clueless Non-GMO
7 Battlesnake Avatar Hisstin Milioti
TypeScript Hungry Raspberry Pi
8 Battlesnake Avatar Hot Soup
Aggressive Angry Classy
9 Battlesnake Avatar Murray
JavaScript Node Clueless Non-GMO
10 Battlesnake Avatar Purple Cascadia Snake
JavaScript Replit
11 Battlesnake Avatar rusty-boi
Rust Ngrok
12 Battlesnake Avatar Spicy Snek
JavaScript Replit
13 Battlesnake Avatar Toby Flendersnake
Python House of Aileen
14 Battlesnake Avatar unagi
JavaScript Clueless Friendly Replit