Battlesnake for NEXT 36

Sept. 12, 2020 to Sept. 26, 2020

Welcome to Battlesnake for Next 36!

On September 26th, Next 36 and RBC Future Launch are inviting bright, entrepreneurial minds to Battlesnake for Next 36. The winning individual and winning team will receive a spot at the Next 36 National Selection Weekend (for eligible team members) in November 2020.

Battlesnake is a deceptively simple multi-player programming game for developers of all experience levels. Whether this is your first programming challenge or you are a seasoned professional, Battlesnake has a place for you to practice your skills and have fun throughout the competition.

Build and deploy a live web server that implements the Battlesnake API and plays the game on your behalf. You can use whatever languages and technologies you want, and the top Battlesnakes will enter a live shout-casted tournament on September 26th.

Competition Format

The competition will take place in two stages- an Arena stage and a live Tournament.

Arena Stage
Starting September 12th, you'll be able to register your Battlesnake into the Arena in your division. Arenas run new games every few minutes and use TrueSkill to rank Battlesnakes. Use this stage to see how your Battlesnake performs against the competition, refine your algorithm and climb the leaderboard!

Tournament Stage
On September 26th, the top teams from each Arena will enter a live tournament to see which Battlesnakes are the competition winners. This tournament will be live shoutcasted on the official Battlesnake Twitch Channel for everyone to watch and cheer :)

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Individual Division
For developers, students, and entrepreneurs to compete and showcase their programming and problem-solving skills and connect with other developers and entrepreneurs in the Next Canada and Battlesnake communities. The winner will secure an advanced spot at the Next 36 National Selection Weekend, where they will have the chance to vie for one of just 36 spots in the Next 36 2021 cohort.


The top competitors in each division will win an advanced spot to the Next 36 National Selection Weekend! Check out last year's National Selection Weekend highlights!

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What is Next 36?

Next 36 accelerates the growth of Canada's most promising entrepreneurial undergrads and recent grads from coast-to-coast who we believe have what it takes to build Canada's next narwhal. The program supports entrepreneurs and their ventures by providing mentorship, access to investors, a phenomenal peer network and unparalleled entrepreneurial education taught by world-class faculty.

Whether you have a pre-existing early-stage startup that you want to take to the next level, or you have an idea that you want to turn into a reality, Next 36 can help. Next 36 accepts undergrads, masters students and recent grads from schools across Canada, from any academic discipline.

Applications for the 2021 cohort close October 14th. Learn more and apply today!

I am not a developer, can I still participate?

Definitely! Join a team, watch the tutorials and competition streams to learn more, cheer for your favourite teams and get inspired to program your own Battlesnake.

Do I have to pay to participate?

Never, as always Battlesnake is free for anyone who wants to participate.

Can I compete as a team?

Yes, Battlesnake for NEXT Canada has divisions for both individuals and teams.

Where can I find resources to get started?

Check out our Docs for everything you need to get started.

Is Battlesnake for NEXT Canada only open students and recent graduates?

Battlesnake for NEXT Canada is specifically for anyone who is interested in learning more and participating in the NEXT 36 program which is open to Canadians under the age of 27.

Can international developers participate?

No, Battlesnake for NEXT Canada is specifically for Canadian citizens looking to join the NEXT 36 program.

How do I run my own Battlesnake Competition?

We are glad you asked, you can find more information on our Organizers page or you can reach out to us by email.