Battlesnake Summer League, 2020

Practice programming, improve your skills, make new friends, and win prizes!

Welcome to Battlesnake Summer League 2020, a summer-long competition to test your development skills through a series of unique challenges. Bring along your very best Battlesnakes, and make some new ones along the way.

Divisional Arenas

For the duration of the Summer League we will be running competitive arenas for four divisions: Parents & Kids, Rookie, Veteran and Elite. Pick the division that’s best for your and enter your Battlesnake into the fray. You may only participate in one division at a time, so choose wisely.

Challenge Arenas

Each month, the Summer League will unlock a new Challenge Arena that presents a brand new unique arena mode to master. Customize your snake for the current challenge or build a whole new one specialized to solve the problem space!

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All times are approximate and may change depending on how the competition proceeds.

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I am not a developer, can I still participate?

Of course! Battlesnake is for everyone. Join the event to receive updates on how the Battlesnake Summer League is progressing. Make sure to also subscribe to the Battlesnake Twitch channel so you never miss a thing.

Do I have to pay to participate?

Never, as always Battlesnake is free for anyone who wants to participate.

Can I change my Battlesnake during the Summer League?

Yes, you can make changes to your snake throughout the event and even use different Battlesnakes for the different challenges.

Does my Battlesnake lose its progress if I remove it from an Arena?


Can international developers participate?

Yes! Battlesnake competitions are open to developers across the world! Prizes will only be available for shipping within Canada.

How do I win prizes?

You just need to participate in the event! We will be running a variety of draws throughout the Summer League for gift cards, swag, and other cool prizes - including limited edition Battlesnake Summer League T-Shirts! Draws will occur during our live Twitch streams throughout the competition, so tune in to win. You must participate in the Summer League arenas to be eligible.

Challenge Arena 1 - Too Many Snakes on a Very Small Plane


Eight snakes are dropped onto a small board with very little space to move around. Can you find a winning strategy to survive a truly chaotic early game?

Challenge Arena 2 - Battlesnake Royale


Six Battlesnakes are dropped on the board survive. Every 25 turns the edges off the board fill with poisonous mist that drains the Battlesnake's health if their head is inside. Do you use the hazards to outflank your foes? Is that bite of food worth the damage?

Challenge Arena 3 - Snakes with Friends!


Enter a squad of two Battlesnakes that can work together to take down all of the other squads on the board. When one squad member eats, both Battlesnakes grow. When one squad member dies, both Battlesnakes are taken out. Squad members can even pass over each other's bodies. How will your Battlesnakes collaborate to defeat the competition?

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