The site now supports creating teams of multiple users that can participate together in events and tournaments. Each team consists of a team leader and up to 10 team members. The team leader will be able to update the team details and invite new members.

Creating a Team

Go to your profile page, by clicking on your portrait and clicking on the View Profile link. Once on the page you can create a new team by defining a name, a description and a team profile picture URL. All logos must be approved by Battlesnake staff before they will become visible on the site and this may take a few days.

Inviting Users

The team leader will be able to send invites to other users of the system. From your teams profile page you can click on the Invite User button to search for the user you want to add. Users must accept the invite before they are added to your team.

More functionality will be coming in the next few months including registering your team for tournaments and arena matches.

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