Since 2015 Battlesnake has hosted and produced developer events that are uniquely fun, interactive, and engaging. We focus on engaging developers of all ages, experience levels, and technical backgrounds by making programming fun, entertaining, and accessible.

Virtual and Interactive
Developer Engagement

Livestreams and Competitions

Battlesnake embraces a unique virtual-first approach to developer engagement using modern technologies and platforms. We'll reach your audience through Twitch, Slack, Discord, Zoom, and GitHub, to provide a live and interactive virtual experience like no other.

Connecting Developers Around the World

Our community includes developers from over 30 countries worldwide. Battlesnake partners, hosts, and organizers are able to reach a truly global developer audience.

We Organize Everything

You bring your community and we’ll make sure they have a great time.


Measure success with a full report on attendee participation, feedback, and demographics.

Virtual First

All Battlesnake Competitions are virtual-first, allowing for a flexible, scalable, and safe event for everyone involved.

Custom Approach

Work with a dedicated Event Manager to ensure your event is achieving the targets and success you care about.

All-in-One Platform

Our platform provides everything you'll need to operate your developer event - no other services required.

Grow Your Developer Community

Engage Your Community

Our professional casting and production crews create developer events that are fun and interactive. With developer interviews, deep strategy and gameplay analysis, and live Q&A, there will something for everyone.

Build Community Through Diversity

Battlesnake competitions are for everyone. New developers learn beside veterans as they compete in multiple divisions, with friends and family watching and cheering.

Battlesnake is for Everyone

Developers of all experience levels and technical backgrounds will enjoy Battlesnake.

Any Programming Language

Any Experience Level

Any Cloud Provider

Some of our amazing partners

Let's work together to make programming fun for everybody.

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