Serpentor was designed to be the ultimate Cobra leader. Doctor Mindbender and Destro combed the tombs of the greatest leaders in history to find cells with DNA traces. These long-dead genetic blueprints were combined to produce a clone with the genius of Napoleon, the ruthlessness of Julius Caesar, the daring of Hannibal, and the shrewdness of Attila the Hun, and the aggressiveness and impulsiveness of Sergeant Slaughter. Serpentor is a brilliant tactician and a master of political intrigue, and was eventually capable of wresting control over Cobra from Cobra Commander.

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Created June 4, 2021

⚔️ Constrictor Ladder (May) : 18th
⚔️ Duels Ladder (May) : 14th
⚔️ Standard Ladder (May) : 9th
❄️ Winter Classic Invitational 2021 - Elite : Qualified
🍂 Fall League 2021 - Gold : Qualified
🍂 Fall League 2021 Qualifier : 48th
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