Random CS student at Carleton University. I only realized that this event was happening yesterday, so my snake was super rushed. The snake I made ended up using a simple finite state machine with the following states: - Wander (Move randomly, don't directly hit people) - Chase food (Move towards closest food by linear distance) - Avoid (pick direction with most connected tiles) In the future, I'd like to add the following features: - Avoid head to head collisions - Implement better board control - Make "avoid" trigger if diagonals are occupied, as this may indicate enclosed areas - Add "attack" state, where they try to headbutt smaller snakes - Add pathfinding to closest food, instead of linear distance - Change to C++ for faster execution - Generally make Dimothy stop eating themselves.


  • Dimothy

    An extremely dumb snake. My first attempt.

    Private Python API v1 Latency

  • Gosnake

    More complex finite state machine snake made in GOlang

    Private Go API v1 Latency

  • MinmaxSnake

    Private Go API v1 Latency



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