Len Payne



I am the CTO of a software company that builds tools for food banks and other hunger relief organizations. I was introduced to BattleSnake through a post on the Slack. Seeing a competition that pits people to code against each other, that helps benefit Food Banks Canada? That's awesome. I grabbed some of my team and we started building a Snake in our spare time out of PHP scraps and gumption. It went... okay. Stay Home and Code (SHAC) came and went, and we... well, we participated. Since SHAC, I built a new snake framework in a different set of technologies (still PHP, just not the same bits of PHP.) It's smarter, and I've had a lot of fun with the Summer League challenges. But it's still not doing any ML/DL/RL of any kind. We're sticking to decision trees and A* algorithms along a graded map. It's put the snake in a higher tier, but not quite battling for supremacy with Pruzze yet.



Joined April 7, 2020

  • Challenger OV-099

    Snake tweaked specifically to take on challenges.

    Private PHP Friendly Huggable AWS API v1 Latency

  • Darktooth

    Snake built with Swoole and PHP. Uses a graded map and the A* algorithm for pathfinding.

    Public Squads PHP Clueless AWS API v1 Latency

  • Dunkelzahn

    Second deployment of my primary snake. Designed to be second-fiddle in squad games.

    Private Squads PHP Classy AWS API v1 Latency

  • Link2Feed

    We made this in PHP in our spare time in the two weeks leading up to Stay Home and Code. It is 100% decision-tree based, and learns nothing. Dumb as rocks, and a little old school. Built in Amphp for the HTTP layer, because we felt Symfony was overkill for an API.

    Public PHP AWS API v1 Latency

  • Shai-Hulud

    "Bless the Maker and His water. Bless the coming and going of Him. May His passage cleanse the world. May He keep the world for His people." -Frank Herbert

    Private PHP Hungry AWS API v1 Latency

  • Link2Feed


    Team Lead
  • Challenges
    • Solo Survival Challenge
      Survive as many turns as possible. Your Battlesnake is all by itself on a small game board.
      Score: 857
      Sept. 2, 2020
    • Solo Length Challenge
      Reach the longest possible length. You'll have only yourself to contend with while playing solo on a small game board.
      Score: 49
      Aug. 29, 2020
    • Survive Against Yourself
      Play against yourself 1-on-1 and try to survive as many turns as possible. Standard rules, medium game board.
      Score: 633
      Aug. 29, 2020
    • Keep Four Battlesnakes Alive
      Go up against 3 copies of yourself and try to keep all Battlesnakes alive as long as possible. Your score is determined by when the first Battlesnake is eliminated, not the last. Board size is a non-standard 11x19.
      Score: 665
      Sept. 11, 2020
    • Occupy Every Corner
      Have your Battlesnake occupy as many corners as possible when the game ends.
      Score: 4
      Sept. 2, 2020
    • Battlesnake Royale - 1v1v1
      Go up against two copies of yourself in Battlesnake Royale game mode, and try to make the game last as long as possible!
      Score: 315
      Sept. 2, 2020
    • BETA - The Prüzze Challenge
      Defeat as many of Prüzze's snakes as possible! Have feedback or ideas for this challenge? Let us know in the Battlesnake slack group. Note - trophies resulting from this challenge are unlikely to be permanent.
      Score: 3
      Sept. 9, 2020
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