Educated in embedded systems and electronics technology, and self-taught php guru. Worked professionally in software (C#, PHP, Javascript, SQL, C++) for over 10 years, and am considered senior level based on the success I've had. I've made a career out of being able to churn out quality code and marketable applications solo, faster than most teams can. I am drawn to start-ups, and established enterprises looking to get their innovation out of a funk. While capable of full-stack development, including apps, I am most in my element architecting and building back-end solutions. Breaking the mold is my motto. Don't wait for something to be broken, fix it in advance; it's called maintenance.


  • Hungry Rando

    Heads towards nearby food as long as it's "safe" to do so, otherwise just makes random safe moves

    Private PHP API v0

  • Playful Puppy

    Loves food and its tail

    Private PHP API v0

  • Rando

    Moves are chosen at random from a list of safe moods; it does not look for food

    Private PHP API v0



Team Lead

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