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Joined Feb. 27, 2019

  • Hamadryad

    AWS Sagemaker ML snake

    Private Python AWS SageMaker API v0

  • lamia

    In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia was a woman who became a child-eating monster after her children were destroyed by Hera, when Hera learned of her husband Zeus' trysts with Lamia.

    Private Heroku Python API v0

  • majorMedeiros

    Public API v0

  • starter-snake-python-fastapi

    Private API v0

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  • Solo Survival Challenge
    Survive as many turns as possible. Your Battlesnake is all by itself on a small game board.
  • Solo Length Challenge
    Reach the longest possible length. You'll have only yourself to contend with while playing solo on a small game board.
  • Survive Against Yourself
    Play against yourself 1-on-1 and try to survive as many turns as possible. Standard rules, medium game board.
  • Keep Four Battlesnakes Alive
    Go up against 3 copies of yourself and try to keep all Battlesnakes alive as long as possible. Your score is determined by when the first Battlesnake is eliminated, not the last. Board size is a non-standard 11x19.
  • Occupy Every Corner
    Have your Battlesnake occupy as many corners as possible when the game ends.
  • Battlesnake Royale - 1v1v1
    Go up against two copies of yourself in Battlesnake Royale game mode, and try to make the game last as long as possible!
  • BETA - The Prüzze Challenge
    Defeat as many of Prüzze's snakes as possible! Have feedback or ideas for this challenge? Let us know in the Battlesnake slack group. Note - trophies resulting from this challenge are unlikely to be permanent.
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