"Hearty" is a complete rewrite of the "framework" (if you want to call it that) which was used by Robo and Mabel. It uses Mojave's port of the Battlesnake rules to generate future game states. The alpha-beta pruning Minimax algorithm has been updated to predict moves for multiple snakes. The floodfill algorithm has received many bugfixes. The board scoring heuristic takes many more factors into consideration. And this snake features a full regression test suite. Hearty currently outperforms my old snakes in all game modes except Constrictor. It gets its' name because it runs on the Heart web server (giving 2x faster response times than OpenResty, which was used by my previous snakes). Written in Lua, running in Docker and hosted by Fly.io.

Private Royale Lua House of Chris Hungry Alpha-Beta Heuristic Tree Search ­čĺÜ Latency

Created March 20, 2021

Arena Standings

Competitive Ladder


6081 games played
1880 wins
4201 losses

Global Arena


10560 games played
4036 wins
6524 losses

Global Duels


10855 games played
6175 wins
4680 losses

Global Royale


9661 games played
3085 wins
6576 losses
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