My goal in life is to help others while doing what I love. I find that the greatest feeling of satisfaction and happiness comes from solving a complex issue which makes someone’s life easier. I also enjoy challenging myself and pushing my limits, I always try to solve any problems I encounter on my own and trying to find the optimal solution. I had worked as a mentor at Udacity for their Data Engineering program and as an Intern at Nokia. I have done multiple Hackathons including CuHacking, Qhacks, and UofT Makeathon (Challenge winner) and work on side projects as well as volunteer work. Personal Hobbies: Boardgames (all types from monopoly to dominion), Movies (MCU movies are my favourite right now), (VR) Beatsaber, and general Tech (especially computer components). Feel free to reach out I won't bite!


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    A master stealth expert who goes into hideing and strikes when the time is right

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