Program your Battlesnake and compete online.

Battlesnake is a multi-player programming game played by developers all over the world. All you need to play is a live web server that implements the Battlesnake API.

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Learn and Experiment

Use Battlesnake to learn new technologies and experiment with new ideas. It's a great way to try something new.

Iterate and Improve

As your snake improves, so will you! Get immediate feedback as you encounter new challenges and scenarios.

Compete and Collaborate

Battlesnake is best played with friends! Play with your friends and colleagues, or attend one of our upcoming live events.

"A tonne of fun! ... so proud that we got our snake to respond to the API within the first 20 minutes."

"Battlesnake is easily the most fun I’ve ever had programming! Such an entertaining way to practice programming."

"That is pretty much the best logo on the internet. We need more robot snakes please."

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