A competitive game
where your code is the controller.

All you need is a web server that responds to the Battlesnake API.

What the heck is battlesnake?

computer code battlesnakes moving around a game board

Develop your own algorithm to find food, stay alive, and eliminate others. Battlesnakes are controlled by a web server you deploy, running the code you write.

Compete in automated leaderboards.

Choose your tech stack, deploy your Battlesnake, and see how your code ranks against other developers.

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Try new languages and technologies in a high-stakes environment.

Battlesnake is a great outlet to learn something new and mess around with that platform, language, or library you've been meaning to try.

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As simple or complex as you want it to be.

"Unlike other coding games Battlesnake is completely open-ended - that's the best part! It's up to you how far you want to take it to win."

Watch how it works

animated game showing four Battlesnakes locked in combat
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Performance Matters

With only limited milliseconds to make a move, you'll be pushed to write incredibly performant code.

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Host Tournaments

Compete with co-workers, use Battlesnake in your classrooms, or create competitions for your friends.

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Open Source Game Engine

Dig into the game engine source code to find obscure edge cases and small advantages, or make a custom map for the community to try.

Battlesnake is a
Global Community

Developers from all over the world use Battlesnake to explore new tech, meet new friends, and push their skills.

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