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I am the CTO of Battlesnake Inc. I am an experienced technical leader and enterprise application developer who has worked in both the games industry and for large SaaS businesses. I have spent much of my career working with large scale data systems, building out high scalability and high availability services architectures. Over the last 10 years my focus has been on game development and design where I have built games for social, mobile and PC platforms along with the services to support them. I have a proven track record in building effective teams and have taken the lead on recruiting technical and support teams for most of my career.

Joined Nov 01, 2019


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Gromthar's Hammer (Bsnake)

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Look Up Snake

SSSuper SSSnake makes great decisions! woo!

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Megaton Collective

My happy testing snake

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Old Spice

A bad JS snake that likes to test maps

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Tim the Fearful

This snake doesn't want to win, they are just afraid of everyone

Saved Games

Buggy Game - 05-Oct-2022

Wrapped mode, 4 Battlesnakes, 11x11 Board, 290 Turns

Bug Game: DEV-1482

Standard mode, 1 Battlesnakes, 19x21 Board, 616 Turns

Bug with Crystal Head and Whale Head

Standard mode, 8 Battlesnakes, 7x7 Board, 52 Turns

Solo - 28-Feb-2022

Solo mode, 1 Battlesnakes, 11x11 Board, 21 Turns

Round 1 - Match A

Standard mode, 2 Battlesnakes, 11x11 Board, 0 Turns