I'm 13 years old, and I love to code. I was coding coding an ai for then snake game, when I came across battlesnake, and tried it out. It has been one of my favorite hobbies since then.

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CoolestSnake! but using bitboard

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I made a minmax battlesnake, with Iterative Deepening and Alpha-Beta pruning. It is meant to play in 1v1s, but it can still play in other things too. It knows how to do wrapped, hazard, spiral wrapped, constrictor, spicy royale, and just plain royale too! Thanks for reading this. Update: CoolerSnake! has reached 700 lines!

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Just CoolerSnake! but rust

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This snake just does a lot and a lot of flood-fill/pathfinding. It has no tree search, just a lot of heuristics. This snake takes a very different approach from CoolerSnake!, so they play very differently. This snake is retired, and now CoolerSnake! is my main snake. If you want to play a game against it, feel free, but play like 2 games before hand to wake up the server.

Saved Games

Win vs Pea-eater

Constrictor mode, 4 Battlesnakes, 11x11 Board, 46 Turns

its pruzze

Standard mode, 4 Battlesnakes, 11x11 Board, 893 Turns

Win against Pea Eater saw 26 moves beforehand

Wrapped mode, 4 Battlesnakes, 11x11 Board, 337 Turns

Winning against Shapeshifter, Jagwire, and Hovering Hobbes all at once!

Standard mode, 4 Battlesnakes, 11x11 Board, 849 Turns

3 deaths one turn

Wrapped mode, 4 Battlesnakes, 11x11 Board, 53 Turns

first win against shapeshifter

Standard mode, 4 Battlesnakes, 11x11 Board, 1106 Turns

Win against Salazar Slitherin

Wrapped mode, 4 Battlesnakes, 19x21 Board, 698 Turns

3 snakes in a 4 snake mode? Glitched??

Wrapped mode, 3 Battlesnakes, 19x21 Board, 688 Turns

Unlucky win

Standard mode, 2 Battlesnakes, 11x11 Board, 262 Turns